Art has been, from the beginning of time, the manifestation of human creativity. It is in this imaginal universe that Elsa Barreto immerses herself to draw inspiration for the new spring/summer ’16 season. Among the most important art forms of the 20th century, Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture influenced the design, the contours, the texture and the pattern of matter.

This is where we started. Future is a metamorphosis collection. The past is now a space / time of inaction; the present, is dedicated to the transformation and ritual preparation of what is to come. However, the will of everyday life is omnipresent anticipation – the future is now. Future, the Elsa Barreto Fall / Winter 19 collection meets this desire.

The new season, bearing the Elsa Barreto signature, therefore introduces structured outfits with a strong personality, touching the delicacy of painting and the organic nature of architecture and sculpture.

Goethe said one day that “Architecture is frozen music,” intended to envelop us in a sensory metaphor, on a journey that begins in the volumes, textures, plays of light and shadow. It is on t his journey that Elsa Barreto takes us with her most recent collection. A path that revisits contemporary aesthetics.