ELSA BARRETO is not responsible for shipping costs incurred in connection with the return of a product or exchange. These charges are delivered to the customer. Your returned items must arrive at our office within 20 days following receipt of the Product. The costs and risks pertaining to the return of Product is borne by the customer.

  • Returns:
    You may receive a refund of your purchase price, once the item has been returned in its original condition. If we analyze the returned part and notice that it was already worn, we will not accept them. The items will be sent again to the customer. After we receive the items and after checking that the order is in perfect condition, we will proceed with the refund without shipping costs.
  • Exchanges
    If you are interested in a different size, colour or design, please return your item so that we can exchange it. You should request the exchange of your order by e-mail, in order to indicate the product you wish to exchange. We do not support shipping costs for exchanging products.
  • Returns and exchanges condition:
    Clothes must be returned to us in perfect condition.
    Make sure all clothes are exactly as you received them, with the tag and seal still attached.
    All clothes that come into their own box, must be returned in their original, undamaged box as this is considered part of the product.

If you, for any reason, can't send the items to our address, we can pick them up at the most convenient address and charge you this cost. Please email us to request this service.

Please, send your package to:
Rua Luís António Correia nº19 RC, Nogueiró 4715-315 Braga

If you are outside the EU at the post offices, clarify on the customs declaration, outside the returned package — “RETURNED GOODS” and declare 0€ to avoid any additional customs charges. We are not responsible for any charges on packages returned by customs.
(If you don’t do this, we may never receive the package, and we cannot make a refund).