In the controversial Futurist Manifesto of 1909, Marinetti wrote that Time and Space died yesterday. We already live the absolute, as we create the eternal omnipresent speed. These words, with a panting glow for the time, were one of the most important avant-gardes of the twentieth century and served as an ignition to the apology of a new aesthetic sense in which speed and the immediate action of regeneration were the mottoes. This is where we started.
Future is a metamorphosis collection. The past is now space/time of inaction; the present is dedicated to the transformation and ritual preparation of what is to come. However, the will of everyday life is omnipresent anticipation – the future is now. Future, the Elsa Barreto Fall / Winter 19 collection meets this desire.

The geometrized lines stretch in exaggerated forms, unexpected cuts, and dramatic volumetrics, materializing pieces that explore a new aesthetic facet of the woman Elsa Barreto. The silhouettes, almost complex, go through a creative process of construction/deconstruction that reconfigures them in a universe of classic lines reinvented, restructured, renamed – in short, reborn. Reborn in an immediate future, where identities are only ephemeral projections, fixed in the now by the pieces that we use.

The chosen materials carry a vanguardist concept: the structured fabrics, the rigid touches, and the metallic finishes are the signs of a new language that seeks to translate a new creative universe. Future is more than a collection. It is anticipation finally revealed. It is a celebration of what is to come, new ambitions and new achievements. This is not Fashion, this is not Art. This is a Manifesto.

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